Vaxxe Interactive offers desktop and server virtualization-consulting services to deploy arange of technologies. If you are taking a project entirely from start through completion, or assisting your team of IT professionals along the way, Vaxxe Interactive has the depth of desktop and server virtualization experience to complete the work effectively and efficiently.

Vaxxe Interactive has extensive knowledge of server, desktop, and application virtualization technologies. Our team of experts can help you move critical workloads into virtual environments, prepare for an operating system upgrade by virtualizing applications, or offer an “anywhere desktop service” to your users.

As a start, our virtualization assessment service provides accurate, up to date performance information on your existing environment along with recommended architectural solutions for virtualizing. Vaxxe has many years of hands-on experience implementing, maintaining, and upgrading virtualization technologies.

Services Include:

  • Virtualization Readiness Assessment
  • Architectural Design/Health Check Services
  • Server Consolidation/Containment
  • Business Continuance/Disaster Recovery
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Shared Hosted Desktops
  • Application Virtualization
  • Client-side virtualization for mobile users
  • Secure “Anywhere Access” to corporate desktops and applications