Here at Vaxxe we believe there is real value in being a good follower. How successful would a seminar on following be? The response would more than likely be less than a sold out crowd. Why is that? Everyone doesn’t generally seem to put a lot of value and worth in following. We also don’t offer much respect for followers. There should be much appreciation and an observance of an unbreakable connection to leadership to the follower.  The best leaders are the way they are because they have had followers that have excelled at following.  Success is key to having excellent followers.  Leadership and “Followership” goes hand in hand and neither is labeled as being better than the other.  Also to note, if you are looking for an excellent leader seek out who has been the best follower.  Being a good follower teaches us how to value others opinions, placing thought and care for others input and how to develop emotional intelligence. Someone who isn’t an effective follower probably won’t care about the needs of others or even ask for their thoughts. They’re more likely to see their employees as beneath them, as someone there just to serve and elevate their needs.  The best followers see themselves as equal to leaders. Being the best follower helps you see others as leaders in their own right.  Which is exactly how the leadership should be when in charge of a team.  Leadership isn’t about expecting those around you to cater to your every need. It’s about identifying your team’s potential, and maximizing them as you work toward a shared goal together. Our team at Vaxxe are equipped with good “followership” and leadership skills.  We are a team dedicated to the common goal.  Helping your business succeed.  Real IT Solutions, Mobile Optimization, Mobile Forms, Mobile Data Entry, at Vaxxe we are all about Workflow Optimization.  Have a complex issue with your business?  Vaxxe can provide solutions!  Contact us today for a free consultation.