Prompt, highly interactive support…

Integration Engineering (IE) was looking for a tool that would allow for on-site integration of the information and conversion to a finished report without the need to convert the information from the various formats into a finished report. The tool needed the ability to document the existing conditions and create photographic evidence of any conditions the needed short term attention. The tool needed to be simple to use and highly tailored to the specific needed of the field inspection work. IE felt there might be a technology available that could combine these requirements into a single solution.

Vaxxe Interactive (Vaxxe) was contacted to assist IE. Since IE lacked the expansive knowledge required to effectively find a workable solution, Vaxxe was able to provide a search of existing capabilities and match them with the challenges of the IE requirements.

Vaxxe responded with prompt, highly interactive support throughout the development of the tool concept, working with solution developers, and ensuring the product selected could support the objectives that IE placed on the project.

Todd Fugate - Integration Engineering