The first real job I had was at a transport company.  We used giant servers that held all of our data that housed nearly 1000 square feet. We had to have employees working 24/7 to stay on top of any issues that would come up. I remember how slow the system was but we knew no other way and managed to work through it. If we had to compare our systems now to then, we wouldn’t be able to tolerate it for very long. Hard to believe how much advances in technology have been made in the past 20 or even 30 years.  The systems and resources used now are smarter and faster than we could have ever dreamed of.  

How many stories have began with “When I was your age…”, then following up with long-winded stories of your childhood of hard-knocks. It was impossible to lose a phone because all you had to do was find a wall jack then follow the line to the phone.  In the early 90’s you might have been fortunate enough to have a cell phone.  Back then they were called “Car Phones”.  Maybe your parents have said they walked four miles to school in the bitter cold and never had cool video games to keep themselves entertained. We ALL had to go outside and use this thing called “Imagination”!

It’s true, kids nowadays have it pretty good. They have a million options for entertainment, tons of resources to learn new things, and gadgets that make life’s little annoyances so much easier.

Technology has changed immensely from 20 years ago and continues to advance and improve quicker than ever. I can thankfully say I’ll never regret not having more of it growing up. I know if we’d had today’s gadgets and gizmos back then, we would have missed out on solving the puzzle to rubics cube, family time watching TV together and fighting with our siblings over the pre- DVR remote.  We were resourceful with our time and entertainment and made the best of it. Vaxxe has a pulse on old technology and importantly new technology. We introduce modern functionality into legacy systems.   Don’t give up on that old system yet, you’ll be surprised what your old system can do.  Contact us today to let us help you find the Vaxxe Solution for you.