RSA SecurID Software Authenticators

Flexible Software Tokens for a Mobile Workforce

RSA SecurID Software Authenticators: Make strong authentication a convenient part of doing business by deploying software tokens on mobile devices—smartphones, tablets, and PCs—transforming them into intelligent security tokens.

RSA SecurID Hardware Authenticators

Convenient Two-Factor Authentication Security Tokens

RSA SecurID Hardware Authenticators: An easy-to-use, convenient, self-contained method for effective user identification. Choose from two security token styles—key fob or card—to meet an array of user applications including two-factor authentication, hard-disk encryption, and transaction and email signing.

RSA SecurID Authentication Agents

The Largest Two-Factor Partner Ecosystem Worldwide

RSA SecurID Authentication Agents: Software that intercepts remote-access and local requests from users or groups of users and directs them to the RSA Authentication Manager server for authentication. Once users are verified, permission to access secure applications is granted.

RSA SecurID Authentication Engines

Integrate RSA SecurID Into Your Organization’s Applications

RSA SecurID Authentication Engine: A compact set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow you to easily integrate RSA SecurID strong authentication directly into your homegrown applications. After integrating the APIs, your organization can easily authenticate RSA SecurID users.