RSA Silver Tail offerings deepen visibility into web sessions and mobile traffic, extend the security intelligence applied to user behavior, and broaden reporting capabilities of online activity.

RSA Silver Tail Forensics

Protect Legitimate Users with Real-Time Detection and Visibility

RSA Silver Tail Forensics extends visibility into web and mobile-application traffic and delivers actionable web session intelligence. The software monitors all clicks and HTTP data in every web session, providing complete intelligence context in real time and one-click incident investigation. Forensics immediately identifies criminal behavior and alerts your cyber crime and fraud analysts, who can instantly change website flows to thwart bad actors, saving valuable engineering resources and avoiding impact to legitimate users.

Real-Time Detection and Visibility

  • Monitors all clicks and HTTP data in real time
  • One-click incident investigation for simplified threat analysis
  • Provides complete web session intelligence without weblogs


  • Automatically updates detection models based on traffic patterns
  • Analyzes user-specific behavior and population behavior of the website
  • Click-by-click threat scoring platform supports more intelligent threat detection

RSA Silver Tail Mitigator

Instantly Take Action Against Malicious Activity

RSA Silver Tail Mitigator uses targeted rules to detect, alert, and communicate events to other network devices in real time, enabling you to instantly block IPs and users that are deemed malicious, including Denial-of-Service, site scraping, horizontal password guessing, and others. An API is also available to prompt suspected bot-like activity with CAPTCHA or strong authentication mid-session.

Integrate with Your Existing Infrastructure

Mitigator is a plug-in-orientated architecture that allows for integration and real-time action with your existing infrastructure, including web servers, network devices such as firewalls and load balancers, case management systems, and more.

RSA Silver Tail Profile Analyzer

Real-Time Analysis of User and Crowd Behavior

RSA Silver Tail Profile Analyzer examines the behavior of website and mobile-application users and models it against past usage to determine if activity is legitimate or suspicious. Deviations from historically “normal” usage patterns are automatically flagged. Combining Profile Analyzer with the population-based modeling provided by RSA Silver Tail Forensics enables increased accuracy and faster response times to online threats.

Profile Analyzer Protection

  • Account Takeover
    • Man-in-the-Browser
  • Man-in-the-Middle
    • Unauthorized Account Activity
    • Fraudulent Money Movement