If you are maintaining separate data and storage network infrastructures in your data center, you are probably duplicating equipment, space, energy and support costs. Adopting a single network based on Fibre Channel over Ethernet technology can provide significant savings. Vaxxe’s network integration services for data center networks – data and storage – can help you design and implement a converged infrastructure to reduce costs without compromising security, availability and performance.

Benefits of Convergence:

  • Reduces costs by converging your data and storage network infrastructures
  • Applies specialized data and storage skills and experience to address integrated networking environments
  • Mitigates the risks associated with complex infrastructure upgrades

Many data centers operate two separate networks: an Ethernet network for interconnecting servers and a Fibre Channel-based storage area network for interconnecting storage devices and servers. The result is duplicate hardware, space, energy and operational costs. An attractive alternative is a single network based on Fibre Channel over Ethernet technology, which can help you reduce these costs while still addressing stringent service levels for security, availability and performance.

A network convergence solution provides services to design and implement a converged data and storage infrastructure that will allow you to quickly achieve the financial benefits of Fibre Channel over Ethernet technology. Vaxxe can develop a network design for converged data and storage in the levels of detail needed to gain stakeholder approval, assist you with technology evaluation and provide guidance for the implementation team. We can also roll out the new infrastructure in a controlled, successful manner, protecting access to your corporate data.