Mobile Applications are a Necessity

In 2012, 1 in 4 computers sold were tablets. In 2013, the five billionth iOS app was downloaded from Apple’s App Store, and there are even more Google Android OS smartphones than iPhones. The world is moving from the age of the PC to the age of the tablet, the smartphone, and the mobile app. We can help you navigate those changes.

What Is Your Greatest Challenge in Mobile App Development?

  • Do you find that you can’t justify the full-time programming staff you need?
  • Are you losing customers to competitors with mobile apps?
  • Is a lack of mobile software keeping your sales staff chained to their desks?
  • Are your departments, branches, and remote employees having trouble communicating and sharing data?
  • Do you need to reduce costs inside your company, by eliminating paperwork, streamlining operations, and reducing customer service costs?

From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, we’ve helped customers who face the same challenges you do. Talk to us today and find out how our development team can help you conquer those challenges.

The Vaxxe Approach

We follow a comprehensive mobile app development methodology that spans through the entire software development life cycle. A typical engagement begins with the identification of current software assets and analysis of business requirements. After agreeing on an implementation roadmap with our client, we assume full responsibility of developing, maintaining and enhancing critical enterprise applications.

Our phased approach and domain expertise help us develop various differentiating capabilities for our clients by:

  • Synchronizing business processes with technology
  • Modernizing existing applications
  • Developing, maintaining and enhancing robust tailored apps
  • Maximizing business benefits
  • Minimizing app costs

Vaxxe Mobile App Development Principles

The Vaxxe Philosophy

  • Simple, Clean, User Friendly Interfaces
  • Development in the U.S.
  • PC, Server and Mobile Platforms
  • Apple iOS, Google Android OS, and Microsoft Phone and Windows 8
  • Scrum Project Management

The Benefit for You

  • For in-house software, you’ll enjoy reduced training time and fewer user errors. For customer-facing software, you’ll see increased adoption rates and spend less time on support.
  • According to the Aberdeen Group, 76% of customers who offshore their software development have higher costs for project administration and vendor management than expected. U.S. development eliminates drastic time zone differences that make communication slow and difficult. Your software project will be on time, frustration-free, and of the highest quality.
  • Mobile platforms are the future, but PCs and servers aren’t going away. We can develop applications across all platforms.
  • Cross-platform mobile apps serve the maximum number of customers.
  • The Scrum development methodology keeps the customer involved in planning and feature prioritization. Customers receive a continuous stream of software improvements instead of a single deliverable at the end of a project.

Get Help Today With Your Mobile Apps

IDC reports that tablet sales have reached 28 million units per quarter. In the first quarter of 2013 there were an astonishing 210 million smartphones sold. Contact Vaxxe today to move your mobile app project from the napkin to the App Store.