By Rakesh Sharma, Contributor

As you, dear reader, probably know that I go to great lengths to produce accurate and factually rigorous pieces for your consumption. While testing Ministry of Supply’s Performance Professional Apparel for Men, my approach was no different. I wore the same dress socks for two weeks and wore the same shirt to numerous social functions to review the products. I am happy to report that the experiments were successful in all senses of the word. The socks began emitting a foul odor only after repeated use and the dress shirt withstood numerous Yoga contortions and constant use. This is no small achievement for I am a person who sweats easily and profusely. Because technology is such a critical aspect of the apparel, let me start this review with a discussion of the technology behind Ministry of Supply’s clothes. The Technology Gihan Amarasiriwardena, MIT graduate and cofounder at the Ministry of Supply, is an entrepreneur athlete who started his first company at the age of 14. Ministry of Supply is an evolution of his previous startup, which was also a sportswear company. According to Amarasiriwardena, the manufacturing process for Atlas Socks is similar to the one for making chocolate chip cookies. The ground coffee is run through a pharmaceutical process to strip it of smell. After this, the deracinated coffee grounds are baked into the manufacturing process with fabrics. In the past, other materials, such as silver, were used to achieve the effect of masking foul odor. But, Amarasiriwardena says silver requires coating, which is prone to wearing off. Atlas socks were designed using scientific principles of strain analysis, pressure mapping and thermal imaging. The first principle converts your socks into a second skin that coordinates fabric movement along with that of your feet. The second principle enables Atlas to map pressure areas in your feet with your sock. This means that the sock is especially designed to handle extra pressure on your foot.