By Bonnie Burton

Even Admiral Ackbar would agree no one could repel the cupcake tastiness of this magnitude!

(Credit: JustJenn)

Transforming an ordinary cupcake into Admiral Ackbar’s head is simple with a few yellow candy melts, coffee sprinkles, black icing, and cocoa-cinnamon butter cream frosting.

Jenn from JustJenn Recipes food blog explains how to make Admiral Ackbar cupcakes. “These cupcakes are sweet and delicious if you can get past Ackbar’s giant eyes staring back at you begging you not to eat him,” Jenn wrote on her blog. “Don’t fall for it — it’s not a trap, IT’S A SNACK!”

Jenn is quite the Jedi Master chef when it comes to creating Star Wars treats. She’s paid tribute to both the Millennium Falcon and its pilot Han Solo in Jell-O. She’s baked a gruesome-yet-tasty severed Wampa arm cake. And paid homage to Princess Leia in cupcake form with adorable Oreo hair buns. So Ackbar cupcakes are a nice addition to her portfolio of pastries, cakes, cookies and other desserts for this galaxy and one far, far away.

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“For Ackbar there are four main characteristics to make him recognizable: oval head, giant yellow eyes, flappy mouth and a weird soul patch,” Jenn posted in her blog.

Once the basic characteristics are figured out, it’s easy to decorate a cupcake so it looks like everyone’s favorite Mon Calamari, right down to his distinct skin tone.

“Ackbar’s distinct coloring is orange-brown and kind of patchy,” Jenn explained. “Cinnamon butter cream has nice flecks of brown already mixed in, plus it’s a delicious pairing with Brown Sugar Cupcakes.”

“When I start a character design for food I always do a lot of different of sketches,” Jenn posted on her blog.

(Credit: JustJenn)

The yellow candy melts and black icing serve as his eyes. More black icing add nose and mouth details. And the sprinkles serve as his soul patch.

“Creating a character likeness can be tricky, but my approach is to make things simpler and focus on unique characteristics,” Jenn added. “Once those are exaggerated you have a pretty good chance that it will be recognizable and it makes it easy for people to follow along and create their own too!”

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