Manufacturing companies today are managing many disparate systems and software platforms in order to support their operations. From internally developed applications to complex ERP systems, it consumes many resources to meet the information processing needs in a manufacturing environment. VI consultants remain highly engaged to deliver innovative approaches for manufacturers. Our solutions and easy to use interfaces make even the most complex processes more efficient.

Customization is the way to fit ERP software to your specific business needs. We understand most out-of-the-box solutions do not capture the needs of the enterprise, our experienced development professionals can provide the exact level of ERP Customization required without the inflated budgets.

Many ERP customizations are relatively simple, yet they can still result in substantial savings of both time and resources. We can engineer entire workflow applications to transform and improve your business processes. Whether your customization needs are small or large, simple or complex, we strive to ensure the solution maximizes your return on the investment in a business management system.

VI offers integration services that connects vital data from multiple sources including; databases, CRMs, smart devices and sensors to the core business ERP system allowing information to be shared throughout the organization improving overall responsiveness.

VI specializes in the development of custom software applications to bridge the business information gaps and inefficiencies identified by customers, partners, suppliers or employees. Automating these business process gaps streamlines productivity and ultimately improves customer service.