RSA Archer eGRC leads the market in enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (eGRC)—chosen by one in two of the Fortune 100. RSA Archer eGRC allows organizations to build a collaborative eGRC program to manage enterprise risks, demonstrate compliance, automate business processes, and gain visibility into risk and controls.

Because products are built on the flexible RSA Archer eGRC platform, business users can tailor them, create supporting applications, and integrate with multiple data sources without touching a single line of code. The RSA Archer eGRC Community and Exchange provide an active user community and online exchange of applications, content, services, and integrations.

RSA Security Management delivers:


Ask a question once and use the results to demonstrate compliance with multiple regulations and frameworks.


Automate workflow, risk-based scoping, data collection, assessment scoring, and findings generation and notifications to reduce administration.


Assign accountability at all levels of your enterprise hierarchy and infrastructure.


Enable users across business silos such as IT, finance, operations, and legal to collaborate and align using common processes and data.


Gain a complete view of exposure and gaps across your organization by relating risks and audit findings to objects such as controls, objectives, processes, facilities, and technologies to integrate risk management with key business processes.