There’s simply not a better Fourth Shift company out there. Vaxxe Interactive, though years of experience and acquisitions, has a team of world-class Fourth Shift consultants. Our Fourth Shift team has decades of combined experience and the expertise to operate in any Fourth Shift environment. We have customers small and large across the globe.

With decades of experience in Fourth Shift, Vaxxe will deliver the results without the extraordinary consulting expense. We are proud of our craft and work swiftly to get resolution. Vaxxe Interactive provides a wide range of Services for both Fourth Shift and Fourth Shift Edition for SAP Business One.

Vaxxe has assembled a team of elite Fourth Shift Consultants to help you with any version of your Fourth Shift environment. We find in almost every client interaction, the system is underutilized.  No matter what the scope may be large or small, we provide premium services:

  • Business Process Review: We can review your current processes and help you make your systems work together to improve your efficiency/profitability
  • Implementation: We can help you through the change management, data conversion, process definition, training and documentation that is necessary to make your project a success
  • Shop Floor: We have multiple solutions and competencies including Visibar scripting and visiwatch
  • Systems Integration: EDI integration, UPS and Fedex Freight integration, Web Commerce integration, CRM integration, etc… we will make Fourth Shift an integral part of your company’s complete technology landscape
  • Migrations: Moving to a different ERP system, Our team will ease the pain of this Transition, with leading edge methodologies, Effective Scope, change, and Project management, Data accuracy, strong collaboration
  • Acquisitions: Merging Systems? Data Migration, COA & GL, Customers, Invoices, Credit Notes, Payments, Vendors, Invoices, Reciepts, Credit Returns, Payments, Items, current stock value, etc….. You need proficiencies in all areas of the integration
  • Upgrades: A Vaxxe Fourth Shift upgrade involves avoiding unpredictable cost, understanding the complete upgrade process, and compressing the timeline to upgrade

Over the years we have identified several areas of opportunities to improve upon Fourth Shift. We have been passionate about delivering very relevant solutions to the base that deliver ease of use and dramatic efficiency gains and more modern functionality. Want to know more? Contact us today!