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By Patty Benitez

As TBX is being developed, we get new suggestions all the time from business owners like you. Time and Billing Exact is meant to be your time and billing solution, so we’re busily integrating the features you request. I wanted to take this opportunity to share just a few of the newest additions that make TBX even better.

What is TBX – Time & Billing Exact?

TBX – Time & Billing Exact is a Web and Windows-based application that allows for fast, accurate, and easy employee time tracking and billing. With TBX, achieving true business productivity is easy because information can be entered at any time and from anywhere.

TBX eliminates frustratingly slow data entry and repetitive project management tasks with one-time input that integrates across your entire ERP, and TBX’s in-depth database and highly customizable reports provide administrators with instant understanding about the time and expense they spend on projects.

Who uses TBX?

TBX is ideal for companies that bill clients based on time. This software is especially useful for law firms, CPAs, consultants, engineering firms, and many other businesses.

What makes TBX different from the program I already use?

TBX offers your employees the flexibility to quickly and accurately create a comprehensive account of their time and expenses, no matter if they’re at their desk or on the road. With time and expense entry available anywhere and anytime using Windows or the Web, your employees will have the tools they need to make record-keeping easy for you and for them.

What’s new in project management?

TBX includes exceptional project management features. The home screen is designed to show only information that is pertinent to the person viewing it, and allows you to stop wasting your time filtering to get to critical information. TBX’s customizable rates allow you to apply validation rules based on any combination of rate, task, client, and user.

With TBX’s in-depth audit trail, tracking changes to time and expense entries, as well as tasks, is simple. Changes receive an automatically stamped date and time entry, which makes compliance and verification easy.

What’s new with the reporting tools?

Flexible, customizable reporting allows you to forecast resources, compare costs, analyze resource utilization across projects, and more; and summary reporting provides a quick overview of data. To get information at a glance, important data can be filtered and sorted by user, and TBX’s powerful drilldown capabilities allow you to view and edit source data. Precise reports are created with an easy, fast, drag-and-drop report-building system.

TBX’s customization options allow you to reflect your company’s personality and create the exact reports you envision, by changing attributes such as fonts or colors; when you’re ready to send your reports, you can email them as Word, Excel, or PDF attachments.

Need information but don’t want to create a report? Check out the easy-to-see, modern snapshots that reveal the billable work of your employees and vendors. When you need a bigger picture, the business intelligence dashboard shows you the key performance indicators you need—it’s completely tailored to you!

Is this actually easy-to-use?

Yes! The user interface is fully functional and very intuitive. With easy-to-use setup wizards, nationally available customer care, and on online Help Desk team whose positive reputation is unsurpassed, you can be assured that TBX is completely free of headaches.

Remember, at official release TBX will integrate solely with Sage 100 ERP version 4.3 and above, but full, ERP-agnostic integration will be offered soon. TBX offers users secure, worry-free migration utilities and also synchronizes to run parallel with your existing HighTower time and billing solution to make upgrading a snap.

Want to know more about TBX: Time and Billing Exact? Contact SWK to learn all about it.

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