By Hilary Buckley

Verticals, Strategies & Partners Lessons from Sage Summit (Podcast) SWK Tech

Did you catch the podcast that was recorded live from Sage Summit? It featured Bill Reitz, the vice president of product management at Sage, as well as SWK’s own CEO, Jeffrey Roth. Listen to the podcast recording using this link, and hear all about the Sage and SWK vertical markets. This podcast also talks about the places where Sage, SWK Tech, and your business can get ideas about what customers are really looking for.

Listen to the Sage Thought Leadership Podcast here.

Can’t listen to the podcast right now?

Here’s what you’re missing.

  • What’s the correct plan for finding new verticals? The two ERP aficionados discussed which verticals Sage was suited to come up with, and which verticals resellers such as SWK Tech were best suited to come up with.

You may be surprised at the reason SWK and other resellers are better equipped than Sage to come up with ideas for great verticals.

  • Where do great vertical ideas come from? Both podcast guests agreed that great ideas came from opening up dialogue in all directions while also attending tradeshows and online forums. Competitors can also be great for supplying incredible, new ideas.

You may be surprised to hear who knows the most about ERP systems and how they can continue to help businesses.

  • Does SWK Tech have a vertical market? Indeed we do. The podcast talks all about our top vertical market, which came from one of our passions. The idea also came from listening carefully to the people we come in contact with when we’re not at work.

You probably weren’t expecting this vertical market from a “stuffy” ERP reseller… I guess that just proves we’re not stuffy at all. We’re just here to help.

Considering the future

Roth and Reitz also discussed how Sage and SWK Tech can help each other succeed in the future, and their answer would apply to every business. Their main message? Collaboration and communication are key. Just like people, businesses grow from increased contact with others.

The importance of relationships

The idea of increasing success by increasing relationships is what so much of this podcast is spent talking about. At SWK Technologies, we attribute our success to the partnerships and relationships we have built as a company. We understand that all partnerships are equally important, but that not all partners are equal. There are strengths and weaknesses to every company (including us), and we know that our partners can complement our abilities when we all work together to help clients.

This ability to build and leverage strong relationships becomes even more important as we head deeper into the world of verticals. SWK Tech has our own verticals, but other resellers and the companies we serve all have their own verticals that they specialize in. It’s only by collaborating effectively that we can provide the true business help that all customers expect from their software providers.

Thank you to Sage and Ed Kless

Of course, SWK Tech was overjoyed to have this opportunity to podcast live from Sage Summit 2014, and we would like to thank Ed Kless, podcaster extraordinaire for Sage (and a fascinating guy to talk to) for featuring Jeffrey Roth. We’d also like to thank Bill Reitz of Sage for sharing a fun, open dialogue with us about topics that deeply affect both of our companies.

Here’s to many more podcasts in the future!

If you haven’t heard the podcast yet, please tune in on your commute home using this link. Enjoy!

Photo licensed by Marcus Quagmire