By Susan Galer

Top performing companies face the same human resources (HR) problems as any other organization. What’s different is how top performers find solutions by sweeping away the status quo.

A select group of these organizations is gathering to showcase best practices at this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW on June 3-5 in Orlando, Florida.

This line-up of successful companies, industry experts, and renowned research is not the typical conference track. It’s part of a larger “Future of Work” agenda at SAPPHIRE NOW that’s deliberately designed to spark ideas and action plans for tackling the new world of work. The format is structured around candid conversations based on real world lessons learned. Here is just a sampling of the HR experts that will share insights at this event.

1. Gearing up for the Future of Work by Challenging Convention – Jacob Morgan, Principal at Chess Media Group

What happens as workers, not management, take control over how a job is performed? Explore how management methods must adapt in the face of dramatically shifting relationships between employee and employer, along with the advent of fast-paced technology innovations. According to Morgan, “We must challenge convention because our organizations have reached a point where building upon outdated approaches and practices is the biggest ‘company killer’ today. Attendees of this session will walk away with a solid understanding of why challenging convention is so crucial today, ideas around where they can challenge convention, and some practical next steps that they can implement.”

2. Get Ready to Manage Millennials – Jacob Morgan, Principal at Chess Media Group

Four Millennials share their attitudes about the workplace and expectations for job satisfaction. Gain firsthand insights on how to hire, manage, engage, and retain the best and brightest of this new generation.

3. Entice Top Performers by Meeting the Needs of Workforce 2020 – Debra D’Agostino, Vice President, Director of Thought Leadership at Oxford Economics

The findings of a global survey from Oxford Economics reveal how 2,600 executives and 2,600 non-executive employees view workplace issues and each other. Learn how to apply these findings to improve competitive outcomes.

4. Recruit Your Way to Success – Sean Kundu, Director of Human Resources and Employment Counsel for the San Francisco 49ers

Hear how the National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers are keeping pace with ten-fold growth and building a winning team by relying on SAP software to streamline talent management processes.

5. Develop a Winning Team by Improving Collaboration and Content Sharing – Bruno Singh, Senior Vice President, and Chief Information Officer at NBCUniversal, Inc.

Find out how NBCUniversal Inc. built some of the most creative and productive teams in an industry that spans television, feature films, theme parks, and hospitality.

6. Supercharge Your Organization with Highly Skilled Employees – Ginger McCullough, VP of Training and Change Management Brookshire Grocery Company

See how Brookshire Grocery Company relies on technology to keep its employees well-informed and highly skilled without putting an additional burden on its IT Infrastructure.

7. Attract Top Talent by Becoming an Employer of Choice

Discover the traits that top talent values the most in a corporate culture. This panel discussion features Nate Butki from Great Place to Work Institute, Greta Roberts, CEO at Talent Analytics Corp, and Joseph Harmon, Technology Director at Hallmark Cards.

The full HR agenda, which includes Mike Ettling, Global Head of Cloud & On Premise HR at SAP, is available here, along with event registration information. In today’s all-changing business world, people have never been more valuable to competitive growth. That makes HR a strategic force for every top performing company.

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This story originally appeared on SAP Business Trends.
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