By Hilary Buckley

Top 4 Reasons to Switch to Acumatica SWK Tech

At this point, the cloud has officially arrived. Gartner has predicted that at least 30% of service companies will move their operations to the cloud by 2018, and many experts agree that the change will happen much faster than that. With so many companies moving to cloud solutions such as Acumatica, it’s only natural that your company may wonder if using a cloud ERP is the right choice for you. Here are the top four reasons many companies choose Acumatica for their cloud ERP.

1. The Cost

The most important reason many companies choose a cloud ERP such as Acumatica is the cost savings. While this should never be the only important consideration, it can certainly be a big factor. Having an affordable, subscription-based model that only charges you for the server resources you actually use adds up to a lot of savings, especially if you’re a small company that’s just starting out or if you’ve discovered that your company doesn’t actually need that much storage space.

If you’ve previously used an on-premises ERP solution (where the servers are at your office), you’ve definitely experienced the problem of buying far more server space than you needed. In planning for growth, most companies buy servers that can hold much more data than they could ever generate…and that extra costly space just goes to waste. With Acumatica, you only pay for the space you use.

Cloud ERP solutions offer other cost-saving benefits as well, such as the ability to access important data anywhere and at any time; the flexibility to employ a leaner, more productive staff; and one thing most business owners don’t think of: the cost savings that employees appreciate when they don’t have to commute everyday.

2. Ease of Use

Acumatica doesn’t just save you money, it’s also easy to use and saves you time. Many Acumatica options run solely through the Web, and without the need to install, maintain, or manually upgrade your software, your company can focus on what really matters. When you use a cloud ERP solution, you also don’t need to purchase, store, and care for servers and other cumbersome hardware—you just know that when you need your business data, it will be ready for you.

While most businesses consider the lack of an in-house IT department only in terms of overall cost savings, many people fail to realize that an ERP that doesn’t need an on-staff IT department…is an easy-to-use ERP.

3. High Security

Has Edward Snowden got you worried about security? Don’t be. Acumatica has government-level encryption and protection in place to protect all your documents from prying eyes. No matter if your company is a bank, a health-care organization, a government organization, or a hair salon… Acumatica takes your data security seriously.

In fact, it may surprise you to learn that Acumatica’s cloud ERP is safer than a lot of on-premises ERPs. Systems that are stored on your site have numerous security leaks that enterprising hackers can exploit. Namely, sensitive data has to be downloaded and stored within the hard drives of your business’ desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices—and laptops and mobile devices can be lost or stolen, which exposes your data to thieves. With a cloud ERP, all of your stored and transferred data is highly encrypted, no matter the device you’re using. Worried about someone stealing your data at the source? You’ll be pleased to know that the servers where your data is kept are physically secured and manned 24/7. Do your offices have that much protection?

4. Flexibility

Speaking of devices, a cloud ERP can not only be accessed and used on a device of your choosing, your company has other flexibility options as well. With Acumatica, you can choose to store your data on your premises or in the cloud. Contact us to learn more about those options.


Acumatica saves you money, it’s easy to use, it’s extremely secure, and it’s so flexible it’s sure to meet your needs, no matter what type of company you are. Want to know more about what Acumatica can do for your business? Contact us by clicking the button below.

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