By Theresa Böhme


Whether you want to access inventory levels on the go, automatically delete sent images, visualize data, or create videos from images – it’s all a breeze with this month’s featured apps.

Here are our top five business app picks for April:

GoLook: Access inventory levels while on the go


The business world is becoming increasingly mobile, making it all the more important to be able to call up inventory data while on the go. Using the GoLook app from Advent Global Solutions, Inc.,employees can access relevant information in real time, from wherever they may be. This app increases the range of the SAP Sales and Distribution and Materials Management modules, providing users with a decision-making aid that is always up to date and can be used for purchasing, finances, processes, and sales. You can find it in the SAP Store.

Cyber Dust: Automatically delete images sent via chat


A chat messenger with privacy protection? Yes! Cyber Dust allows you to send messages and images that are automatically deleted after 30 seconds, which lets you stay in control of private conversations and images. If the receiver takes a screenshot within these 30 seconds, you will be notified immediately. This app was published by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. It is available here in the app store.

Roambi Analytics: Make data visually appealing

roambianalyticsToo much data to handle? Roambi Analytics generates clear, non-cluttered visualizations of numbers, data, and facts, allowing the user to keep track of everything using his or her mobile device. The app sources data from Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML, Google Docs, and other databases and business intelligence products such as SAP BusinessObjects solutions and SAP Crystal Reports. Visualizations can be arranged according to user-defined categories, such as by region. The app runs on the iPhone, iPad Mini, or iPad, and is available in the iTunes Store in several languages.

mWorkspace: Generate project lists from data and trends

mWorkspace Screenshot

Managers can use the mWorkspace app from Mindtree to have project-related information delivered directly to their iPad. Trends and data are presented visually. Users can create their own project lists and display KPIs and analyses, allowing them to quickly react to developments. mWorkspace is integrated into the SAP Commercial Project Management app. Project managers can anchor all project-relevant information on the CPD dashboard. The app is available in the SAP Store.

Magisto – Video Editor: Create videos from images

video2Would you like to easily turn your favorite photo moments into a video? Or maybe spice up short videos with effects and music? All this is possible with Magisto, a free video editor. It creates videos from short video clips and images; at least five images are needed to make one video. If they want to, users can share completed videos on social networks. Magisto is a miniature-format video editor and creates these videos automatically: No prior knowledge of video editing is needed. The app is available in the Google Play Store.


Top Image: Shutterstock; App Images: Screenshots