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The “only secure, cloud- and browser-based small and mid-size ERP solution” just got better with a new release that meets your complex business needs, automates your lead management, and is in full compliance with industry security standards—all while maintaining the remarkable speed and reliability that business owners like you need. Acumatica version 4.2, released on April 10, 2014, enables business owners to run their businesses according to their needs, no longer will you have to fit your business to the limitations of your legacy ERP.

Handle complex business needs

Acumatica’s new release offers business owners the freedom to conduct transactions the way they want, and includes new subscription billing features, including upgrades, retainers, rate control, third-party billings, delayed activation, and on-demand billing.

Automate your lead management

Managing your leads manually is time-consuming, and in your business, you don’t have the time to waste. With Acumatica version 4.2, you can create automatic rules that work for you to assign leads, convert leads, and to purge your old leads, which means all you have to focus on is selling.

In full compliance

Not only does Acumatica version 4.2 offer the best cloud infrastructure, powered by the strong and secure Amazon Web Services platform, Acumatica is also in full PCI compliance, and protects both you and your customers when handling sensitive credit card data. How do you and your customers stay protected? When credit card information is entered into the Acumatica system, it remains in a completely private session that only involves the credit card holder and the processing institution—it never passes through your Acumatica system at all.

Fastest Release Yet

You and your customers need information immediately, and Acumatica’s blazing fast speed is always ahead of you, every step of the way. In version 4.2, Acumatica offers faster implementation, integration, and synchronization, plus, with multi-server deployments, your license will be distributed across multiple servers to ensure that your information is ready for you faster than you can say “business success.”

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