By Friederike Orths

Large product selection, expert advice, a multichannel strategy: Tennis-Point is a market leader in the specialty tennis retail sector. SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA keeps it on top of its game.

“We want to become Europe’s largest specialist tennis retailer,” says Maik Langenberg, CEO of Tennis-Point. And the sports retailer is well on the way to achieving this ambition. With average growth of 100% year-on-year, 350,000 customers, and up to 4,000 shipments a day, one thing is clear: Speed is essential to its operations. And this is why all processes – from its online e-commerce channel to high-street stores – are handled using SAP Business One. Combined with SAP HANA, the software forms the ideal platform for managing the company’s growing order volumes. “When we first started out, we never imagined we would have so many customers after just six years. And despite this, we’ve never come up against a problem where we’ve had to consider investing in new software,” says Maik Langenberg. “The software supports our growth plans in every aspect, allowing us to concentrate specifically on our core business.” It’s scalable, internationally deployable, and can be perfectly adapted to the individual needs of tennis professionals.

Seamless Process Management

With the barcode system, for example, goods just have to be scanned, which reduces the risk of error, and accelerates processes. “SAP Business One is at the center of everything we do. It is the core system that contains all information and data,” says Langenberg. All employees work in a standardized system regardless of whether they work in the call-center, warehouse, or goods issue. The software allows the online and retail channels to be integrated, ensuring more efficient sales processes. And with a new logistics center, Tennis-Point is looking forward to continued success in the future. Autostore, one of the fastest warehouse systems on the market, allows purchase orders to be received and goods to be issued on the same day in many cases. But the homogeneous enterprise landscape also benefits the IT department because a standardized system means less maintenance effort. This means more resources are available for further development – and the company is now targeting pan-European growth. Langenberg is convinced: “SAP HANA is the future. We need its speed.”

Top photo: Karramba Production | Shutterstock