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WALLDORF — Today’s customer is more connected, mobile and empowered than ever. And it’s no longer good enough to simply meet their needs. Companies that want to get and stay ahead of the competition have to predict and deliver on them before they arise. Leading organizations around the world are turning to SAP AG to do just this. European companies such as Sariba, TMVW and Bouygues Telecom, for instance, are embracing customer engagement solutions from SAP to create a world-class customer experience across multiple channels.

“To engage customers when, where and how they want takes more than just apps. It requires insight, experience and execution — and CRM solutions that are tightly integrated with all other business systems and processes,” said Jamie Anderson, global vice president, Product Marketing, Customer Engagement Solutions, SAP. “Simply put, the old ways of managing customers won’t work anymore. Companies need to embrace new technologies and leverage the right mix to extend their investments, enable new and innovative processes and gain greater insights. And with customer engagement solutions from SAP, they can.”

Customer engagement solutions from SAP not only help businesses address their short-term needs, but also help deliver improved insight and intelligence to better connect and build meaningful relationships with their customers over the long haul. An increasing number of companies are implementing customer engagement solutions from SAP to realize this value. For instance:

  • “We were in the market for a state-of-the-art sales force tool that provided a core customer and pipeline overview that could help our customer-facing staff more effectively manage accounts and drive sales,” said Steinar Sabbasen, CEO of Sariba, a Norwegian IT services and consultancy. “SAP delivers much more than the scope of many traditional CRM applications that follow an inside-out, control-based, salesforce automation design principle and allows us to engage our customers in new and innovative ways across the entire life cycle.”
  • “When we began offering our technical assistance and services to other companies on a larger scale, we found that we needed technology that would support our pilot service,” said Inge Opreel, TMVW, a water distribution company in Belgium. “After looking into different cloud-based CRM solutions, we chose SAP Cloud for Sales as our sales force automation tool as it helps provide an easier, quicker and more cost-effective way to connect with our customers’ information, when we need it.”
  • “We wanted to support faster and more efficient action plans while in the field, as well as improve our customer intimacy,” said Lucien Tygreat, IT Manager, Bouygues Telecom, which chose SAP to fully equip its channel sales team. “The cloud solution from SAP helped us deliver a new sales tool on multiple devices in a very short timeframe, with an attractive TCO.”

Customer engagement solutions from SAP are part of a market-leading portfolio of cloud-based CRM solutions designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing, sales and service organizations, which includes the SAP Cloud for Sales, SAP Cloud for Service and SAP Cloud for Social Engagement solutions. In addition, hybris, an SAP company, dlievers an omni-channel commerce software suite that is best-in-class, helping a company execute all its direct selling processes and present a single view and a unified experience to all its customers.

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