By Patty Benitez

SWK Tech extended solutions sage 100 erp

By Patty Benitez

Today’s systems and processes are all intended to make your business efficient, productive, and streamlined, but finding the product mix that is the right “fit” to run your business your way can be a challenge. SWK understands that every business is unique—and that your business may have very specialized requirements. Extended Solutions were created to address each organization’s unique requirements and to provide a complete Sage 100 ERP solution that grows your company.

What’s an Extended Solution?

Extended Solutions typically provide specialized, process-oriented functionality and features for specific Sage 100 ERP users. Because they are programmed to execute without significant user interaction, these solutions can easily be added to your system.

Sage discontinued developing and enhancing Extended Solutions in 2009, and as a result, we at SWK developed our own set of Extended Solutions for our customers and channel partners. If you are looking to address a specific business need, please look through our full catalog to get oriented with our huge library of over 600 Extended Solutions. The SWK Technologies library also includes our most popular enhancements, such as MAPADOC EDI, TBX-Time and Billing Exact, Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution, Apparel Matrix, and many more. Whether you want to upgrade your retired Sage Extended Solution or are looking for new functionality, SWK has the solution for you.

Who is SWK?

Why, that’s us! SWK Technologies, Inc., has been a Sage Gold Certified Developer and business partner for more than 20 years. We offer completed programming on our Extended Solutions for Sage 100 ERP, and our solutions are designed to provide unique functionality to all industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, and food and beverage.

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