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SAP AG and VMware today announced that the SAP HANA platform on VMware vSphere® 5.5 for production use has been released to customers. Read what supportive SAP and VMware partners have to say about these offerings:

“The ability to fully run SAP HANA on VMware vSphere 5.5 will have an incredible impact on our customers. The critical services that the virtual infrastructure provides, such as automation, portability, live migration and high availability, will now be extended to the SAP HANA platform. Additionally, this offering will begin the journey to allow customers the flexibility to run SAP HANA in both the private and public cloud.”
Paul Timmerman, vice president, Technology, AdvizeX Technologies

“CenturyLink Technology Solutions empowers businesses to achieve success with SAP HANA Cloud Platform through managed services that deliver fast time to market, low total ownership costs and extraordinary flexibility on a high-performance cloud platform. SAP HANA on VMware vSphere 5.5 will further strengthen our ability to help businesses implement cost-effective Big Data solutions.”
Brent Juelich, vice president, Application Services, CenturyLink Technology Solutions

“Dell’s strategy is centered around enabling customers to build and manage their datacenters without reliance on proprietary systems, closed architectures or specialized skillsets. As the winner of the 2014 Global OEM Partner of the Year by VMware, we are excited by SAP HANA on vSphere 5.5. Customers can now use Dell’s deep, hardware-level integration of VMware vSphere 5.5 to run their SAP HANA deployments with the same tools they use to manage the rest of their VMware virtualized datacenter. This brings greater flexibility, scalability and value over legacy environments, and our unique non-disruptive SAP modernization capabilities helps customers realize these benefits without production downtime.”
Sam Greenblatt, vice president, Engineered Solutions and Technology, Dell

“Our valued partnerships with SAP and VMware enable customers to realize the benefits of higher efficiency and agility when deploying SAP HANA in virtualized environments. SAP HANA on vSphere 5.5 helps customers increase the flexibility, agility and value of SAP HANA deployments across enterprise and cloud applications. Fusion ioMemory flash products helps customers meet the high performance requirements of this solution.”
Gary Smerdon, chief strategy officer, Fusion-io

“SAP HANA on VMware vSphere 5.5 opens greater flexibility for SAP HANA customers looking to innovate and simplify their application environment. The ability for our customers to now run VMware infrastructure on of the SAP-certified HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA makes HP and VMware an ideal solution for customers; critical environments like SAP and SAP HANA demand an enterprise-grade level of management that HP and VMware optimally provide our joint customers.”
Paul Miller, vice president, Worldwide Marketing, HP Converged Systems

“IBM has been a leader in SAP HANA enterprise deployments with our eX5 and new X6 systems. We are pleased to have played an integral role leading to the availability of virtualized SAP HANA with VMware vSphere 5.5. Both SAP and VMware are longtime partners of IBM, so it is very natural for the three companies to team and deliver significant business benefit that enables our common customers to achieve the greater agility, innovation and scalability they seek in their enterprise IT infrastructure.”
Alex Yost, vice president, Strategy and Alliances, x86/ PureSystems Solutions, IBM

“SGI is excited to be a partner for the SAP HANA platform. VMware’s large scale virtualization is very exciting for us in high-end SAP HANA implementations. The server consolidation provided by SGI and VMware for SAP HANA can provide dramatic savings for customers both in acquisition costs and longer term cost of ownership.”
Jorge Titinger, president and CEO, SGI

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