By Theresa Böhme

Casa e Café is helping to improve the job market in Brazil as an online recruitment platform that connects unemployed domestic workers with potential employers.

Through the Emerging Entrepreneur Initiative, SAP accelerates innovative small businesses–including Casa e Café–by providing technology, mentorship, and access to capital.In South America’s biggest country, many people are looking for jobs as gardeners, day laborers, cooks, or housekeepers but are unaware of where they can search and apply for job vacancies. “There is many domestic staff but, so far, a platform has not existed for potential applicants to present themselves online,” says Daniele Kuipers, founder and CEO of Casa e Café.

Young people and single parents particularly cannot afford to devote a great amount of time looking for work. Kuipers is pleased that applicants can often be placed in jobs quickly with the help of her online job platform. “Our objective is to bring together vacancies and job seekers,” she explains.

Valdirene Leal Santos da Silva found a position as a domestic help through Casa e Café: “You just need to take a look at the web site to find a job. That’s how Casa e Café helps you find good work. My life has improved greatly.”

Creating long-term positions

Casa e Café is a member of the Emerging Entrepreneur Initiative, an SAP program that supports more than 50 emerging entrepreneurs in Brazil and India who have innovative businesses focused on social impact and are ready to scale. Kuipers’ participation in the mentorship program has helped her visualize and plan her business’ growth potential. “Working together with SAP is a great privilege. SAP believes in small, innovative enterprises like Casa e Café,” Kuipers concludes. With access to more than 150,000 online resumes of qualified and trained domestic workers, Casa e Café is creating sustainable employment opportunities and helping to shape a better life for domestic workers all over Brazil.

Photo: Shutterstock