By Hilary Buckley

Sage ERP X3 blog post 07-16-14

Have you ever heard someone say that Sage ERP X3 is too complex for anyone in your company to understand properly? Yeah, we’ve heard that too—and it’s a myth. We think that the reason you hear that tale a lot is because all the companies using Sage ERP X3 want to maintain the competitive advantage that X3 affords them. Learn the facts about Sage ERP X3 in today’s post.

“Serious” Doesn’t Have to Mean “Difficult”

Many people think that just because you use something for serious work, it has to be really, really hard to operate. Perhaps this idea comes from the fact that enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) have been helping businesses succeed since the late ‘80s. If you remember computers from back then, you’ll remember that they were… unwieldy. Luckily, ERPs have evolved since then. Early adopters of Sage ERP X3 version 7 (released less than a month ago) say that the program is so easy to use that temps can be brought up to speed within as little as two days.

Why Sage ERP X3 Is Easy to Use

Don’t believe me? Here are a few things that make Sage ERP X3 version 7 really easy to learn and to use.

  • The same look and feel—no matter the device: Want to take your Sage ERP X3 system with you? You can. And you don’t have to learn about how your tricky mobile app differs from your desktop program. They both work the same.
  • Step-by-step layout: If you’re using Sage ERP X3, your company handles some pretty complex business processes. Some days you can remember everything that needs to happen, and in what order… but sometimes you can’t. Sage ERP X3’s simple, easy-to-read Visual Process Maps make it so that you always know what to do next.
  • Simple searching: Want to search your ERP the way you search on Google? Go for it. If you’re worried you’ll have to memorize a crazy folder system just to do your job, you can stop worrying. Sage ERP X3 has a universal search function that allows you to look for—and find—whatever you need.

Photo licensed by Antoine Gady