Failed resolutions resized 600

What comes to mind when you hear the word “lean?” Being a few months into 2014, what you might think of is that New Year’s resolution that you’ve already given up on. However, if you’re in manufacturing, one area that is at the top of your “lean” list is not going to the gym, but rather inventory control. Being lean in business is the key to success and when it comes to inventory control, what better tool do you have to help you get there than your ERP system?

If that ERP system is EnterpriseIQ by IQMS, then you have a multitude of tools at your disposal to help. While most of those tools are found in the core system, there are also a few add-on modules designed to keep you lean. If your goals for 2014 included getting a better handle on your inventory, some modules to consider would be Forecasting, Outsource Central, Intercompany Transactions (ICT) and most importantly, Warehouse Management.

If you already own these modules, but aren’t using them yet, set some implementation goals. The IQMS training team can help with your training needs on these modules with one of our web-based training options that are completely customized by the user and can be taught on any topic.

Coming in the second quarter of this year, the training department will debut our new three-day Warehouse Management course at both training facilities (Paso Robles and Chicago). This course will include the various labeling options in EnterpriseIQ, as well as hands-on use of Warehouse Management including receiving, floor dispositions, moves, shipping and much much more. Contact for more information.

Also coming up in Spring of this year, an optional third day will be available as part of our popular Crystal Reports class. This day will be all about labels and will show the attendees everything they need to know about creating labels in Crystal Reports.

What if you don’t own these modules mentioned above? Contact your salesperson or email for more information or to request a demo today. Exciting enhancements are coming to many of these modules in upcoming releases, especially to our Warehouse Management System (WMS) module, making these wonderful tools even better.

Now is the time to check them out and get one step closer to the lean business you are striving for. It’s never to late to conquer that New Year’s resolution either, so back to the treadmill. You can email IQMS from there.