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swktech-want-to-know-more Sage ERP X3

Smart wholesalers know that the best way to build a strong business is by ensuring that customers are happy all the time. Sage ERP X3 offers your business many ways to increase your customer satisfaction, including consistent customer service, accurate customer needs anticipation, and full understanding about what your customers have ordered in the past. When you keep your customers happy your revenues are sure to increase, because you can spend less time marketing and generating new leads, and just focus on selling.

Provide consistent customer service

Sage ERP X3 fully integrates with Sage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in order to provide your business with consistent customer service. Sage CRM maintains a comprehensive knowledge base for your customer service team so that you know that everyone on the team, from the newest member to the most experienced, is following your company’s best practices to provide the exemplary service your customers depend on.

Anticipate customer needs

All customer needs are different, but frequently, your customers will call about a specific problem a few times before reaching a satisfactory resolution. With Sage CRM’s tracked history, available with Sage ERP X3, your customer service team can anticipate your customer’s needs based on their previous calls, previous concerns, and past satisfactory resolutions.

Sell more when you know customer ordering histories

Building successful marketing campaigns for new or updated products is easy when you know who you’re marketing to. Sage ERP X3’s integration with Sage CRM provides your marketing team with the in-depth knowledge you need about your customers to assure that your new campaigns are correctly targeted to your buyers. Sage CRM stores each customer’s in-depth ordering history for you, which takes the guesswork out of your future sales and marketing.

Provide great customer service, no matter where you are

Because your customers’ data is stored in a cloud-based system that is available to you and your employees anywhere there is an Internet connection, you’ll know that you always have the keys to customer satisfaction right at your fingertips.

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