By hbuckley

swktech-want-to-know-more Sage ERP X3

As a wholesaler, you know that business has never been tougher, and competition has never been greater, which is why your business needs to harness the power of Sage ERP X3 in order to reach more customers, increase your sales, and speed up your deliveries. The business world is changing every minute, is your business staying ahead of the curve?

Bigger Customer Reach with Electronic Catalogs

Sage ERP X3 offers your wholesale business the opportunity to reach more customers than ever before, using electronic catalogs. Your customers are busy people too, and when your customers have the ability to browse your products in your online catalog without having to make a phone call, you have a strong business edge that your competitors may not have.

More Sales with Online Sales

What’s even better than offering an electronic catalog? Giving your customers the power to purchase what they want immediately. Sage ERP X3′s online sales platform gives your customers what they want, when they want it—even when you and your employees are fast asleep.

Speedy Delivery with Effective Warehouse Management

One of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction is to deliver products fast. Sage ERP X3’s effective and integrated warehouse management system makes it easy for your warehouse to process orders immediately, which means that your customers will receive their products in record time, and your customer satisfaction levels will hit new records as well.

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