IQMS Hiring

When a software provider such as IQMS talks about integration, we are typically referring to the seamless flow of information from function to function (module to module, department to department, etc.) as it relates to data, the database and the application, as well as access to that data. From the database to the plant floor to personal and professional relationships, integration of information is the most efficient way to get things done at the workplace.

As our CEO, Randy Flamm, points out in his recent blog on manufacturing and the Internet of Things, connectivity is reaching far and wide. This is not really surprising. Many of us digital immigrants have envisioned and imagined these leaps in technology, fed by 1960s science fiction media such as Star Trek, leading our imagination and hunger for creative uses of integrated technology.

Our hiring, recruiting and retention efforts also rely heavily on integration of the social nature, bringing together ideas and like-minded people to foster referrals for professional relationships. For example, are you interested in automation technology? If you follow our Director of Automation’s blog posts, you can stay in touch with our development team and many others to share comments and ideas, ask questions and make new friends.

Additionally, IQMS has a strong “integrated” presence locally and worldwide, participating in many community events (such as the Paso Robles Chamber Expo, the San Luis Obispo Chamber Expo, Women in Business, Softec, etc.) as well as industry events (Manufacturing Leadership Council, Inc. 5000, Plastics News Executive Forum, Golden Bridge Awards, etc.).

Our employees reflect similar integration as we each personally expand our involvement to all these same “links.” We “like” or “friend” or “link up” with areas of interest, locally and worldwide. In this way, we extend our reach far beyond our own computer, phone or device. It’s seamless and it’s fun.

The benefits of linking up in this way are myriad and invaluable for IQMS’ hiring/recruiting and retention programs. We can share an idea or a friend’s post with comments, or post a job opening, and it will automatically cascade throughout our contacts and their contacts, and so on.

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Make new friends, connect, link up! It’s all about integration. Extend your reach and see how far you can go.