By Hilary Buckley

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A few months back, the ERP think-tank at 90 Minds solved a common problem online that we’d been solving over the phone for our customers. If your company has been experiencing an aggravatingly slow start-up in Crystal Reports for Sage 100 ERP 2013, this easy-to-follow tip should help. Thanks to the folks at 90 Minds (especially Brett Zimmerman) for posting this solution online.

The problem:

Crystal Reports is SLOW to open, and is taking a minute or more when you try to open it from inside Sage 100 ERP (after you click the designer button).

The fix:

Uncheck “Check for Updates on Start Up” on the Help menu inside Crystal Reports.

The other fixes:

Okay, you unchecked the “Check for Updates…” option but Crystal Reports is still starting slowly? Try these solutions:

  • Restart Sage 100 ERP.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Contact SWK Tech for help by clicking the “Want to Know More?” button below.
  • Got a problem running your reports?

    If you’ve recently switched to a new printer or switched to an entirely paperless system,try this tip from Tina Kirsch Hudak, a Software Consultant at Schneider Downs:

    “I had a similar issue related to the [fact that the] printer saved on the report no longer existed. It occurred when running reports in [Sage 100] ERP or when opening [a] report. From print setup, you can check a box for no printer and [then] save the report. That help[ed] tremendously as well.”

    Thanks to 90 Minds’ Brett Zimmerman and Schneider Downs’ Tina Kirsch Hudak, that problem should never be a problem again. However, if it is, you know that SWK Technologies is always here to help you.

    Click the button below to get in contact with our Sage 100 ERP Support Team and get fast, friendly help.

    Photo licensed by RA Torsten Kellotat