By Hilary Buckley

SWK Tech Time Podcast Episode 1 - Sage ERP X3

Today kicks off the first episode release of the SWK Tech Time podcast, presented by Mike Failla and powered by you, our listeners.

What are the podcast details?

The SWK Tech Time podcast shares the wealth of knowledge that SWK gains from our customers, and provides workable solutions for industry partners and future clients. As you know, SWK is a technology provider and innovator, and we work with hundreds of companies every day to solve problems ranging from business continuity to enterprise systems management to simple workflow improvement.

Why did SWK start a podcast?

As a provider of transformational business technology solutions and services, we have access to some pretty interesting information. The reason we love our business is because it changes so often with our clients’ needs and we get to help companies of all sizes solve their problems every day.

The thing is, we don’t want to hoard the valuable information we get from our clients and partners. Instead, we want to share that info so that this industry continues to grow and evolve. This podcast is for our future clients and our current industry partners, and it’s a way for you to learn more about the innovative approaches other companies are taking to solve common business problems.

What’s the first episode about?

In our first-ever podcast discussion, Sam Prestipino, the Senior Director of IT at Implus Corporation, offers insights into his company’s search for a new ERP system. Implus is an innovative global consumer products goods manufacturer and distributor of over a dozen brands in the $1 billion footwear and recreational accessory marketplaces.

Mr. Prestipino describes how the technology needs of Implus changed as they grew from a “mom-and-pop” startup to a global manufacturer and distributor. He also explains how this growth impacted his company’s ERP requirements, necessitating a switch from Sage 500 ERP to Sage ERP X3.

This podcast is moderated by Mike Failla and also features Andrew Nunez, a senior executive here at SWK Technologies.

How do I listen to the podcast?

You can either check out the podcast on the SWK site, in the Podcast section, or you can download/stream the podcast from the SWK Tech Time iTunes podcast page.

Once you’ve listened to the podcast, please give us some feedback on what you think. This has been a labor of love, and has taken weeks of our time and energy. If you have recommendations or compliments, we’d love to hear them. Issues? We’ll take those too. Just comment on this page. We really just want to know that someone’s listening and getting value from these podcasts.

Want to learn more about what SWK Technologies does, and what we can help you with? Contact us online to start the conversation.

Photo licensed by Eric