By Theresa Böhme

Many people in Brazil simply cannot afford medical treatment. That’s why the Granato clinic focuses on a completely new healthcare concept.

With healthcare prices rising and fragmented service offerings in the healthcare system, polyclinic Granato focuses on a healthcare concept that provides quality, affordable medical treatment for people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Patients can find complete and accessible solutions for all their healthcare needs whether they are with or without insurance.

Founded in 2008, polyclinic Granato offers a full range of medical treatments at reasonable prices, including consultations, lab tests, and X-rays. Joao Cassimiro Feijão did not receive medical treatment in another hospital because he was told there were more serious cases than his. Now Feijão is pleased to be a patient at the polyclinic Granto: “Here, I get the help that I need,” he says. In Brazil, many people live far below the poverty line. As a result, the clinic takes a targeted approach to admitting patients who cannot afford to be treated in other hospitals. “It’s great that we can help these people at our clinic,” says Paulo Granato.

Granato is a member of the Emerging Entrepreneur Initiative from SAP, which accelerates innovative small businesses by providing technology, mentorship, and access to capital. Through the initiative’s support, Granato also receives advice on his plan to expand into other neighborhoods. “The big challenge was how to promote this new clinic, how to make people come here. We are solving this challenge together with SAP,” Granato explains.

The Emerging Entrepreneur Initiative was launched in India and Brazil in 2013, and is planned to expand to Kenya in 2014.

Photo: Shutterstock