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By Michelle Paparo

Find items in Sage 100 ERP with GetX Search, the easy-to-use, find-everything search tool by xkzero that makes customer service a snap.

Imagine this: A customer calls you and wants to reorder something she loved.

She doesn’t have time to search your catalog, access your site, or even find the invoice from her last order, but she knows what she wants: “That great lamp with the stained glass shade.”

You freeze on your end, trying to figure out how to quickly find a stained glass lamp in your system. You enter an item description that makes sense to you… but you end up with a listing of all your lamps. The customer is waiting, and you start scanning the list of your lamps. To stall your customer you ask, “Can you give me any more information about the lamp? Maybe you know the item number?”

“Hey!” she replies, “I know! It’s the one with the kind of flowery design on a yellowish background.”

But you can’t find the item

Your customer is clearly very excited about the lamp, but you need more information because adding “flowery” and “yellow” into possible item descriptions did not get you any closer to finding this lamp in your system.

“Ma’am,” you ask, “I’m having some troubles identifying the exact lamp you want. May I please have the item number of your lamp?”

But your customer is in her car, driving home. She doesn’t have that information.

“Never mind,” she says, “I’m driving past IKEA now. I’ll just go in there and order another lamp. Thanks anyway!”

And she hangs up.

If you had GetX Search, you would never run into this problem again.

GetX Search, by xkzero, is an easy-to-use, universal search tool for your Sage 100 ERP system, and it includes image lookup to make your job easier.

With GetX Search, you’d enter “lamp” as your search term, then quickly scan through all of your company’s lamp images. Then you’d confidently say, “Do you mean the one with the molded metal base, Ma’am? I’ll order that for you now. How many would you like?”

Watch this quick video to learn all about GetX Search (and to see the lamp).

GetX Search has more than just image lookup, too.

GetX Search is even cooler than this video lets on, by the way. This tool can search throughout your entire Sage 100 ERP system to find anything you’re looking for.

Really. Anything.

Does your customer forget what she ordered, but knows that she wrote you a check for $104.20? Enter “104.20” into your GetX Search box, and you’ll see every instance of that exact number in your Sage 100 ERP system: invoice totals, phone numbers, addresses, product numbers, anything. (And that includes all your integrated locations and companies, too.)