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A few weeks ago, SWK Technologies posted an article for small business owners looking to upgrade from QuickBooks. Today’s follow-up article talks about some of the considerations you will need to make when planning an upgrade to Sage 100 ERP, and includes information about some of the pitfalls that small business owners frequently run into when they take on this task.

1. Preproduction Planning Takes Time

Small business owners frequently don’t realize that upgrading your business accounting system to an ERP such as Sage 100 ERP takes time. Business owners who expect that upgrading an accounting system will be as easy as purchasing new software end up frustrated, upset, and behind on critical business functions. SWK Technologies is known for completing successful ERP implementations, and as long as you understand that upgrading takes time, your business transition will be smooth and successful.

2. Warning Signs Will Surface

As a small business owner contemplating making this major computer transition, you’re probably experiencing computer problems that are the warning signs of impending data instability. If you’ve been experiencing frustrating lag time, slow turnaround, or if you’re still relying on time-consuming manual data entry (that may even involve duplicate data entry)—it’s time to make the switch. However, if your business is experiencing none of these problems and is still running smoothly, you may not need to switch your accounting system at this time. If this is the case, carefully consider your business needs, both now and in the future. If you suspect that you will need a more powerful system soon, upgrading before your critical business data is compromised is a very smart decision.

3. The Right Product Isn’t Free

Worrying about the cost of upgrading your system is important, and having the money and time to invest in a lengthy upgrade process is critical to your accounting system transition success. If your business is still managing to meet your needs while using QuickBooks, you’ll want to save up money now to plan for your upgrade. If your company is already showing worrisome signs of data insecurity, you may want to reallocate funds fast; once your upgrade is successfully completed, you’ll be amazed at how much more time you have to devote to growing your business and increasing your revenues.

4. You’ll Need to Make Compromises

As a software company, you expect us to say that we can provide you with the best, most perfect accounting software you have ever experienced… but we pride ourselves on honesty here at SWK Technologies. The truth is that it is a very rare case indeed in which someone gets an accounting system that meets every single one of their needs perfectly right out of the box. Frequently, small business owners require small modifications or customizations to their software, and sometimes they just need to adjust the way they have always done business. Whatever changes your business needs, it’s always best to be ready, and SWK Technologies can help you with any necessary software modifications and advise you on any necessary business process changes.

5. Not Everyone Likes Change

When you upgrade, some of your staff may refuse to change the ways that their jobs have always been done. Usually, the changes your employees need to implement actually make their job processes faster and more efficient, but no matter the benefits, some people just dislike change. During or after your upgrade process, you may need to reorganize your staff. If you are prepared for this, the process will become much easier and will cause you less stress.

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