By Hilary Buckley

swktech-want-to-know-more accellos wms

Workspace is part of the Accellos WMS program and maintains the look of Accellos’ fully integrated program suite. Accellos works with your Sage 100 ERP or Sage 500 ERP system, and everything you do in Accellos looks and feels exactly the same across the program. Accellos will seem especially familiar to your employees who use Microsoft Office. With Accellos’ consistent look and feel, your employees will be able to intuitively navigate each program in the Accellos suite, plus their learning time will be kept to a minimum. The above video clarifies the four looks within Accellos WMS—looks that help your company stay productive and save time.

1. The Look of Hands-On Learning

Accellos’ Microsoft Office look includes the task ribbon, which makes completing tasks a breeze. The ribbon’s strongest attribute is its video help button. In the video help button, Accellos training videos are not only collected together, they are added to and updated daily. All videos are context-sensitive, so when your employees get stuck on a step, they’re only a quick click away from relevant help. Your company can also personalize your own on-demand video selection. You can create, manage, and distribute videos for your employees’ eyes only, all to demonstrate your best practices. With personalized videos, you can be sure that your team processes will be consistent.

2. The Look of Dashboards

Each employee has his or her own role within Workspace, each of which are set up by your IT department. Different roles have access to different data within the system, and each employee can use his or her personalized data to complete repetitive tasks faster and easier. Employee-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) can be displayed as overviews within a typical dashboard layout, and every dashboard chart can be viewed as a drilldown spreadsheet, so that detailed analysis is time-efficient.

3. The Look of Pinpointed Data

Too much data in your drilldowns? It’s simple for each employee to filter his or her data with a search function that locates relevant terms. Helpful filters can be saved for future reference so that your company’s time isn’t wasted when employees hunt for the same information every day.

4. The Look of Mobility

Accellos’ handheld device screens allow your employees on the warehouse floor to increase their productivity by accessing and completing important operations fast. With Accellos Workspace, all your employees will be able to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently—all day, every day.