By Hilary Buckley

You need a software upgrade Sage ERP X3 SWK Tech

Many businesses start out with the minimum software they require and then plan to upgrade when they grow bigger. Sometimes it’s obvious when your first upgrade is needed—and sometimes it’s not so obvious. If your business has been experiencing any of these symptoms, chances are good that you need to evaluate your business software choices and make a software upgrade.

1. You’re staying up until 2:00 am entering orders and your coffee budget is eating into your profits

When you’re having to spend another whole shift just entering customer orders—or if it takes longer than a single shift per day, that’s a clear sign that you need a better system. Sage 100 ERP’s Sales Order module makes sales order entry a simple, automatic process—saving you time and cutting that coffee budget in half.

2. Your back office needs a 400-foot-long sheet of paper just to track their processes

When you receive orders in one system, enter orders in another system, assign orders in another system, create orders in ANOTHER system (and so on), you’re doing too much work. Sage ERP X3 uses one seamless system to manage every part of your business, meaning that everyone will do their job faster. And hey, you can tell your back office to recycle that paper—or use it to build a bridge across the ocean.

3. Syncing data between your offices takes up 44,000 minutes on each month’s cell phone bill

When collecting data takes more time than even the hardest sales, you know there’s a problem. With a cloud-based solution like Acumatica, all your locations will use the same system at the same time, so all your employees can see order, sales, and inventory entries in real time. Plus, you can cut your monthly phone bill down so that it actually fits in a month. (I’ll wait here for a second while you figure out how many minutes are in a month. Done? Let’s continue.)

4. You’ve delegated an entire warehouse just for your IT department’s offices

When everything you want to do at work requires the help of your IT department and your IT space needs are getting out of hand, you need to make a change. Cloud-based systems like NetSuite outsource your IT department so you can clear out that warehouse for your growing inventory—or for the biggest CEO office in the universe.

Image licensed by bark