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Since you’re looking into new enterprise resource planning (ERP) options, you’re doing a lot of research. At this point, you’re probably in full research mode actually, looking at page after page on your computer, tablet, and phone to find every data point possible about ERPs. If you’ve done enough research, you’ve probably realized that the most popular ERPs for small to medium-sized businesses are Acumatica, NetSuite, Sage 100 ERP, and Sage ERP X3 (depending on your business’s size and needs), and you’ve probably also noticed that most companies buy ERP solutions through a value-added reseller (VAR). What’s that all about? In today’s article, we’re going to look at the three top reasons a value-added reseller like SWK Technologies is the smart decision to make when you purchase your new ERP.

1. We’re Experts

When you’re looking for an ERP solution that will match your business needs, you need someone who can give you advice you can trust. Has your research reached the point where you need to look up definitions for new terms every few minutes? Are your eyes glazing over as you try to focus on your screen? Why haven’t you called an expert?

An unfortunate side-effect of living in the Information Age is that everyone feels they need to be an expert on everything, especially when entering into a purchasing decision, but it would save you time, money, and make up hours of lost productivity if you just contacted an expert right now. Your business needs are pressing, so you don’t need to spend your limited time learning about every ERP under the sun. When it comes down your ERP purchase, in the end you really only need to know about a single ERP: your own.

2. We Have Awesome Customer Service

You know how everyone says they have awesome customer service? We actually do.

SWK Tech has been wildly successful for the past 30 years, and we only have one “secret” to our success: Amazing customer service. Our job is making sure your business grows in leaps and bounds, and we take that job seriously. To make sure that you’re happy with your ERP choice, we make sure you’re using exactly the ERP you need (no more and no less). This means we’re not going to give you a system that’s too small to grow with your company, and we’re not going to oversell you on a system that you’ll never really need. Also, since we’re not tied to one brand (like a big retailer is), and because we know a lot of different types of software, we can find your business the exact solution needed, even if we aren’t the ones selling it.

Once you have the ERP you need, we support you as you take every step forward—you can always call us with questions about your system, whether you want to work faster, more efficiently, or you want to scale your business up, we’re here to help you every day.

3. We Have Experience with Your Industry

Resellers like us know a lot about ERPs and computers in general, but we also know a LOT about your industry, because every day we help companies like yours overcome your challenges to reach greater heights of success. We spend all our time trying to figure out how best to serve our customers, but when you purchase your ERP from a big software development company, they just know a lot about computers and about how their specific computer system works.

Of course, you know the most about your business, and we don’t know every in and out that you do, but because we work with manufacturing and distribution companies all the time (as well as retailers, craft brewers, and more), we know the problems that you face, and the tight deadlines and compliance requirements that you must stick to, in order to make your business succeed.

Now that you know why a reseller is so important, contact us! We’d love to help you figure out which ERP is truly the best for your business, you just need to get in touch so that we can help you make this important decision. After you’ve contacted us, you can place the burden of ERP research in someone else’s hands while you relax—and then you can get back to your job.

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