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TBX - Blog - 10 Ways to Never Save Time at Work (Patty Benitez) SWK Tech

By Patty Benitez

Tired of being productive? Want to lug more work home with you at the end of every day? Feel your desk just isn’t complete without a stack of papers that even Superman can’t jump over? Here are ten ways to never save time at work.

  • Don’t keep track of remote employees.
  • Ask employees to write down their time and expense information on a sheet of paper.
  • Ask managers to decipher employees’ writing in order to manually key in their time and expense reports to your ERP system.
  • Don’t answer clients’ questions about the progress of their projects because you have no way of knowing what’s going on.
  • Bill the WIP without allowing managers to approve employee time and expense entries.
  • Invoice clients for inaccurate time and expenses.
  • Never offer retainer or progress billing.
  • Enforce a rule against diverse billing rates or methods.
  • Purchase a Sage User License for each employee who enters time.
  • Don’t keep track of changes your employees make in each task or project.
  • Under no circumstances should you buy TBX.

    That incredible, time-saving, time and expense program will make it so that your lofty goal of wasting all your time at work doing meaningless paperwork becomes only a memory.

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