Built on 20 years of innovative, award-winning solutions, Epicor’s next-generation enterprise applications allow more than 20,000 customers around the world to meet today’s business challenges and provides the flexibility to meet the tomorrow’s changes. Designed for the unique needs of key industries – manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality and services – Epicor provides the end-to-end solutions to increase operational efficiency and drive competitive advantage.

Epicor solutions are designed to be cost–effective, while at the same time are extremely powerful, flexible and scalable. Moreover, their solutions are designed to grow as your business grows. That’s allowed customers who started small to continue to use Epicor, even as they have grown to be billion-dollar global enterprises.

Epicor addresses critical business needs, including:

  • Financial Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Production Management
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Product Data Management
  • Service Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Global Business Management
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

Epicor Upgrades

Considering an upgrade to Epicor 9.0 or adding new functionality to your current Vantage, Vista installation? Infinity’s business and technical consultants can work with your company to make this a successful transition.

Epicor Training

Vaxxe can help expedite your Epicor implementation through remote or on-site training options that fit your schedule. We can also host training your training event at our offices, allowing your employees to completely focus on the course. Our trainers will be glad to work with your team to customize the material covered, providing your users with specific instructions on how your company will use Epicor.

Epicor Consulting

Realizing a Return On Investment for ERP systems is largely determined by two factors: the precision and the pace of the implementation. While training deals with the users, consulting works with the implementation team. Vaxxe has senior consultants with the Epicor knowledge and the industry experience to make sure the project stays within the scope and on time. There isn’t one perfect way to implement a new system but there are definitely things that will impact the precision and pace of your implementation, and your project’s ROI.

Service Connect

Epicor has created a powerful and flexible environment to support specific collaborative processes, connecting different business entities, applications or users. Service Connect harnesses the power of XML, electronic message transfer and transaction based processing environments to deliver reliability with ease of use. Let our workflow architects automate your business connections with Service Connect.

Bar Coding

Through their software partner Avantè, Epicor has excellent bar coding solutions for document management, real time material tracking, labor collection and shipping. With Epicor’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Service Connect tool, existing bar coding systems can be used with Epicor as well. Infinity can discuss your bar coding options and even arrange a site test so your bar coding solution achieved the results you need.

Process Design

One of Vaxxe Interactive’s  key strengths is our ability to apply our knowledge of Epicor to specific customer environments. We can not only answer “What does Epicor do?” but also “What does Epicor do for me?” our approach to process design takes a holistic look where our clients are and where they want to go. We promote “Best of Class” concepts, but we develop “Best Fit” processes that support our customer’s individual business objectives.


As companies grow and evolve, it is very easy for dissimilar systems and databases to become a normal part of business. With Epicor’s robust ERP solutions, companies have the capability to bring most or all of their business systems under a single umbrella. Service Connect and Epicor’s SOA architecture extends this integration capability. Through system implementation, process design, Service Connect and change management, Vaxxe integrates all of your business groups, enabling true corporate synergy.

Report Writing

Epicor provides a variety of customizable communication tools, including Crystal Reports, dashboards, on-screen alerts and exports. These tools are easy to use, but sometimes companies have very complicated information needs. At other times, there are simply too many reporting needs and too little time to create them. Whether the constraint is capability or capacity, we have the resources to develop the reporting tools your company needs.

Web Applications

Some companies have business processes that are so specific that they are not covered by any ERP system. Epicor understands this. Their products, designed with a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), can interface with 3rd party products to cover these needs. If your company’s unique needs cannot be managed by Epicor’s robust features or industry specific software, Vaxxe Interactive’s development team can create a web application that keeps your users, your customers and suppliers as connect as you need them to be.