By Desire Athow

Windows 9 Start menu and windowed apps appear in new leak

Two screenshots of what appears to be the next version of Microsoft’s flagship OS, Windows 9, have been published by a well-known leaker.

Posted on myce, the first shows a rejigged Start menu that incorporates tiles a la Metro while the second one apparently shows an app running in Windows mode (rather than full-screen).

The screen captures appear to have been taken on July 14 while the build, called #9795, which was compiled a day before as part of the uip_dev feature build lab, appears to make changes to the user interface.

They have shed more light on what appears to be a rethink of the start menu, although there’s no way to prove the legitimacy of the screenshots; even if they were genuine, the features may or may not make it to the final version of Windows.


The purported leaks come a week after another website, MyDigitalLife, posted a similar picture of the Start menu.

Oddly enough, the pictures appear to be in 4:3 aspect ratio and still show the development version of Windows as Windows 8.1 Pro (rather than Windows 9).

Via The Verge

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