By DinisCruz

When I posted to reddit a link to my recent “Eclipse Groovy script to remove the ‘busy’ image from the WebBrowser Editor” post, the thread what I hoped would happen would be one around the idea of ‘fixing in real time minor (but-very-annoying) issues that exist in the IDEs that we use everyday’ After all, there are very few IDE environments that allow that kind of real-time programatic access to the current running IDE (which allows the creation of new ‘plugin-like functionality’ without needing to run an ‘IDE dev instance’ on the background). But in a probably predictable way, the only comment I got on that thread was to stop using such ‘crappy IDE’. I’m committed to make Eclipse a great IDE, and I hope that my ideas, plugins, contributions and blog posts help Eclipse to become the best IDE out there (at least for Java and Javascript development)