By Owen Hughes

Video: Clean, clever and colourful: this is what iOS 8 needs to look like

Alleged leaked shots of iOS 8 have been coming in thick and fast recently, showing off fresh additions to the app lineup and revealing some tantalising hints around new hardware that might soon fall from the Apple tree.

Provided said images hold water, the new “Watch Utility” icon is our biggest indication yet that an iWatch or something similar is on the cards. Adding weight to this theory is the presence of the new Healthbook app, which we’ve speculated would require an additional wearable from which to gather the core of its data.

Keen as ever to envision how all this could come together into the full iOS 8 experience, we’ve put together the following concept video. Feast your eyes on it below, then grab a towel and mop up all that drool.

FutTv : 830hvuA3jay9j