By Chris Smith

Twitter Music goes the way of the dodo, will officially shut down next month

Twitter has confirmed that its experiment with trending music is coming to an end after just one year.

The Twitter #Music app has been pulled from the Apple App Store, while the service itself will shutter on April 18 – exactly one year after it landed on iPhone and iPad.

The web-based Twitter Music service halted streaming activities and now offers links to iTunes Radio and Vine. The promised Android app never got off the ground.

The social network ceased development of the app a few months ago, but now comes the official acknowledgement that the service had completely failed to engage users.

The trouble with trending…

The Twitter Music idea itself was sound enough in its aim to help users discover new tunes through trending playlists and the music gaining traction in specific genres.

The service, powered by Spotify also had a large music library at its disposal, but users were only really able to listen to one track at a time and were unable to delve further into an artists catalogue.

In many ways users were hamstrung by the people they followed, and the Popular section offered nothing beyond chart music.

The proposition wasn’t necessarily a bad one, but certainly faced an uphill battle from the beginning. Goodbye, Twitter #Music, we hardly knew ya.

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