By Michael Rougeau

Hulu Plus debuts Chromecast-like remote for Xbox One and PS4

Hulu Plus got a little more convenient today with the addition of more remote functionality to the service’s mobile app.

The app can now enable your smartphone or tablet to act as a remote control for the Xbox One, PS4 and PS3, just like it does for Chromecast.

That means you can control playback using your iOS or Android device, but that’s not all.

You can also search for your next clip or show while the content you’re already watching continues to play on your TV, then “cast” it to your device when you’re ready to switch, and switch seamlessly between playback on your mobile device and your game console.

‘Only the beginning’

To use the Hulu Plus remote experience with your game console, make sure you’re logged into the same Hulu Plus account on both devices.

The app should automatically detect your game console once you turn it on, and you can pair them using the “cast” button.

“At Hulu, we are always in search of providing great experiences for watching TV,” Hulu Senior Development Lead Mitch Walker wrote in a blog post.

“We launched the remote control functionality with the goal of finding and consuming your favorite content easier than ever,” he continued. “And this is only the beginning – we will continue to add remote control functionality to more living room devices over the coming months.”

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