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Home » Coding • Resources » 65+ Useful Cheat Sheets for Designers and Developers 65+ Useful Cheat Sheets for Designers and Developers Posted by designpixel In Coding, Resources No comments Web designing and web development is an art, that not only requires creativity and perfection, but also requires the designer to be able to completing the projects in the least time possible. A person gets to master this art of providing the best results in less time, either by a lot of practice, or by using some sort of a cheat technique. Cheat sheets are the cheats, that act here. Cheat sheets are a selection of some of the most commonly used code blocks and options, that you can directly collect from there, and save your time writing the same code again and again. Cheat sheets are available for almost all programming platforms, but are very effective when used in web development and web designing, because this job comes with a lot of pressure from the client regarding the turn around time, and if not completed on time, the client takes no time in rejecting your job, and looking for a new designer for the job, and all your efforts and creativity going into vane.