By Simon_Maple

We asked ourselves, is it possible to identify which technologies are loved and chosen specifically by geeks…and to understand why they are chosen? In part, yes. We have statistical evidence from three years of developer surveys about dozens of technologies, but this is about more than just market share or t-shirt coolness that influences our judgement in these matters. It’s never only based on one element, so here are some we thought about, in order of importance (or gravity): * Market data (raw % of market, relative size of market, level of fragmentation) * Developer feedback (i.e. explicit responses from surveys) * Amount of buzz about it (press coverage, social media share, community presence) * Anecdotal evidence (personal conversations, stories, gut feeling) Obviously, the prerequisite here is that the technology needs to visibly provide value on some level, solving problems or inefficiencies that exist​ in software development or reimagining something better altogether.