1. Leadership and “Followship”

    Here at Vaxxe we believe there is real value in being a good follower. How successful would a seminar on following be? The response would more than likely be less than a sold out crowd. Why is that? Everyone doesn’t generally seem to put a lot of value and worth in following. We also don’t offer much respect for followers. There should be much appreciation and an observance of an unbreakable c…Read More

  2. Advances in Technology

    The first real job I had was at a transport company.  We used giant servers that held all of our data that housed nearly 1000 square feet. We had to have employees working 24/7 to stay on top of any issues that would come up. I remember how slow the system was but we knew no other way and managed to work through it. If we had to compare our systems now to then, we wouldn't be able to tolerate it…Read More