1. December #SecChat Recap – The Security Impact of Shadow IT

    The numbers don't lie—employees are increasingly circumventing IT, using unapproved Software-as-a-Service applications (SaaS) in their daily tasks. This dangerous habit, practiced by more than 80% of employees (known as Shadow IT), might seem harmless to some, but can, in fact, put sensitive corporate data at risk. Last week, Graham Clarke, the Senior Director of Network Security Product Managem…Read More

  2. The Right Security Solutions for the Datacenter

    John Grady is a Research Manager for Security Products and Service at IDC The datacenter is the heart of the enterprise due to its central role across nearly all business processes. In some ways, there's been a reversion back to more centralized IT architecture, leveraging virtualization and cloud technologies to better enable overall business agility. As organizations look to deploy private cloud…Read More

  3. FTC – The New Sheriff in Town

    For any business, a security breach can be a complicated and costly disaster. Not only does a business face the issue of having brand equity damaged, IT systems compromised and customers' trust voided, but another likely outcome of any significant security breach is a lawsuit. Businesses have a duty of care to reasonably protect their customer data. If that duty is breached, say because a hacker o…Read More

  4. Our New Year’s Resolution to You—Keeping Your Digital World Safe

    Happy New Year and welcome to 2014! As we usher in 2014, I wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect on some of the incredible accomplishments we've seen within McAfee across the past year. December 2013 marked a full year I have been with McAfee, and what an exhilarating experience it has been. First and foremost, we have delivered cutting edge network technology such as the McAfee Next Genera…Read More

  5. RSA’s Deal With The NSA Reflects A General Mistrust

    Here's how it works when a big company believes that its power is in its girth: They enter this bizarre world that leads them to believe that what comes from their PR organs is enough to float their troubles away. It's all about denial and avoiding any potential shareholder backlash. And so we come to the sad state of affairs at RSA, the security division of EMC, one of the big-bellied enterprise …Read More

  6. Zimperium Raises $8M For Mobile Security That Turns The Tables On Attackers

    Let's say you're at the airport, checking your email on your iPhone over the wifi. Well, you've already made your first mistake. You've trusted the airport network to be secure enough to protect you from hacker attacks. Zimperium announced today it has raised $8 million from Sierra Ventures to build out its mobile technology designed to protect you from those attacks at the airport or wherever els…Read More

  7. Amazon Raises Its Game Against Alibaba, Will Expand AWS Cloud Services To China In 2014

    Another step ahead for Amazon in its bid to become the world's biggest cloud computing platform for businesses, and to specifically take aim at a big regional competitor in Asia, Alibaba. Today it announced that it would extend its Amazon Web Services suite of products to China beginning with a limited preview in early 2014. You can apply for early access on the AWS China homepage here. It is team…Read More

  8. Dell Ventures Launches $300M Fund And Inks Deal With Dropbox, Showing Deeper Focus On Storage

    Dell Ventures has announced a $300 million “Strategic Innovation” venture fund to invest in startups that have a focus on areas, such as storage, next-generation data-center technology and mobile. The deal follows the company's news today of a global sales relationship with Dropbox. The two pieces of news together show Dell's deepening focus on storage as a key part of its enterprise strategy.…Read More

  9. Yahoo Ads Used to Spread Exploit Kits

    On Friday, Dutch security group Fox-IT published a blog post with information about how cybercriminals had successfully inserted malicious content into Yahoo's ad delivery network that resulted in thousands of unwitting users being infected with malware. What Happened? It appears that cybercriminals were able to insert some malicious code into advertisements that if clicked, would lead the victim …Read More

  10. Gartner: Global IT spending will grow slightly in 2014

    Global spending on IT and telecom products and services will grow 3.1 percent between 2013 and 2014, compared to just 0.4 percent a year earlier, with enterprise software spending driving much of the growth, according to Gartner projections. Worldwide spending for IT and telecom will total $3.8 trillion, with enterprise software spending driving the growth, Gartner said Monday. Enterprise software…Read More