1. The Cloud As IT Disruptor: Andreessen and His Startups Show Why

    By Kurt Marko, Contributor Information technology has always been a tumultuous enterprise, and every era has its share of inspiring innovation and disappointing flops, however the nexus of cloud, mobile, social and big data technologies means this era of technology history is more exhilarating than normal for both end users and IT practitioners alike. I plan to explore these topics and more in thi…Read More

  2. Crave giveaway: $500 shopping spree from Rakuten.com Shopping

    By Leslie Katz Hmmm, so many choices... (Click to enlarge.) (Credit: Screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET) Readers have loved past shopping sprees at Rakuten.com Shopping, so we're back with another one, and it's big-ticket. This week's winner gets a $500 gift certificate from the massive online retailer, which sells everything from consumer electronics to furniture, clothes, shoes, jewelry, toys, sport…Read More

  3. Facebook testing DeepFace system to perfect facial verification

    By Jennifer Van Grove (Credit: Matt Harnack/Facebook) Facebook is working on artificial intelligence software called DeepFace that is capable of recognizing matching faces in images with nearly the same accuracy level as humans. The social network's DeepFace system uses a 3D modeling technique to detect faces, and crop and warp them so that they face front, a method known as frontalization. The in…Read More

  4. McGovern recalled as ‘a catalyst of the computer industry’

    By admin In June 1967, when Patrick J. McGovern published the first issue of Computerworld, it did something different. It reported on the computing industry from a user perspective. Its headlines about disk drive failures, lost data and troubled products upset IT vendors.…Read More

  5. Forrester outlines IT imperatives for health care providers

    By admin Few deny that the health care industry in the U.S. faces tremendous pressure to change. Few deny the role that technology will play in stimulating this change, either. Uncertainty creeps in, though, when health care organizations try to address their health care needs. This is especially true of health care providers -- the hospitals, medical offices, clinics and myriad long-term care fac…Read More

  6. No Benefit Found in First Real Test of Renal Denervation

    By Larry Husten, Contributor SYMPLICITY HTN-3, the eagerly awaited first rigorous test of renal denervation, shows that the real effect of the novel blood-pressure-lowering technology is dramatically lower than earlier expectations, which had been fueled by data from previous uncontrolled trials. Results of SYMPLICITY HTN-3 were presented at the American College of Cardiology conference [...]…Read More

  7. Encouraging API Adoption With APITools From 3Scale

    By Ben Kepes, Contributor If you believe Marc Andreesen's viewpoint that software is eating the world, then it's not a big stretch to get to the realization that the Application Programming Interface (API) is the common lingua franca that allows this revolution to occur. By enabling applications, data sources, connected devices etc to communicate, [...]…Read More

  8. Software Eats the Data Center: VMware’s Gelsinger Outlines IT’s Software-Defined Future

    By Kurt Marko, Contributor VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger used his Interop keynote to lay out a four-pronged strategy for building what the company has coined the software defined data center, adding details and customer testimonials to a concept he initially described last year. Besides the firm's ubiquitous server virtualization products, which abstract compute resources into customizable chunks that …Read More

  9. How to get a job in manufacturing IT

    By admin Is manufacturing IT conservatively behind the tech curve or out on the forward edge of innovation? That depends upon whom you ask. Talk to Jennifer Hartsock, group CIO for construction industries at venerable equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, and she'll tell you about combining mobile technology with truly giant machinery.…Read More