1. Free Registration For SAP’s First Massive Open Online Course

    By Peter Graf 8272, 8273, …, I keep hitting the refresh button on the main course page for “Sustainability and Business Innovation” and smile. Only one day before the start of our online course on April 29 and the number of registered learners continues to grow. Michaela Laemmler, the dean of openSAP University, was right: At the end of October 2013, she suggested we should “record SAP's f…Read More

  2. Adventure, Culture and Beauty: How Technology Preserves New Zealand’s Natural Heritage

    By Christine Donato New Zealand's natural wonders draw thousands of tourists from abroad every year. SAP technology helps the country's Department of Conservation better manage its data, so it can better protect the environment. Last year, my friend Lisa was dealt a poor set of cards. Recently single and laid off from her 4th grade teaching job due to budget cuts, she was forced to forfeit her apa…Read More

  3. He Shoots, He Scores: SAP Ambassador Oliver Bierhoff Reveals What It Takes To Win

    By Tim Clark What does it take to win? According to European football legend and SAP ambassador Oliver Bierhoff, who made an impromptu visit yesterday in SAP's New York office, it takes much more than a sound strategy. Bierhoff is now a retired German football striker and scored the first “golden goal” in the history of major international football for Germany in the Euro 96 final. Bierhoff's …Read More

  4. Tennis-Point: A New Definition of Speed in Retailing

    By Friederike Orths Large product selection, expert advice, a multichannel strategy: Tennis-Point is a market leader in the specialty tennis retail sector. SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA keeps it on top of its game. “We want to become Europe's largest specialist tennis retailer,” says Maik Langenberg, CEO of Tennis-Point. And the sports retailer is well on the way to achieving this ambit…Read More

  5. Preparing ERP for the Industrial Internet

    If you were to take a quick glance at enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and the industrial Internet, you might think that the two were spliced from the same gene. ERP, as we know it, collects, stores, and manages data from every facet of the business so that certain back-office tasks can b...…Read More

  6. Advantages of Third Party Support for ERP

    Third party support for ERP systems isn't yet common, but it is a growing trend that makes sense for some companies. Rather than getting support from vendors, a few companies rely on third-party companies to handle their support needs. Typically these companies provide application releases,...…Read More

  7. ERP Retail: What Sets the Best Retail ERP Solutions Apart?

    Selecting the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications for retail industries can be challenging. There are dozens of ERP solutions available for retail, so how does a company know which one is the right one? There is no strict rule, but here are a few features that set some ret...…Read More

  8. The Zen of ERP

    According to a recent forecast from market research firm Gartner, enterprise software will be at the forefront of IT expenditures in 2014. Gartner forecasts that spending in the category will to grow to $320 billion this year. Much of this spending is being driven by one short acronym, ERP - Enterpr...…Read More

  9. ERP Finance: 3 Ways ERP Improves Financial Management

    When it comes to assessing the benefits of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, people commonly think of supply chain, manufacturing, and production benefits. Rarely does anyone make the connection that an ERP system will benefit the company's financial management. In fact, if you l...…Read More