1. Q3 Tax Table Update for Sage 100 ERP

    By Hilary Buckley Are you doing your taxes manually on your Sage 100 ERP system? If so, you will want the Sage 100 ERP Q3 tax table update, available on Monday, June 30, 2014 for download. If you're still doing your taxes manually, may I also suggest that you read this article at your earliest convenience? Three new updates are actually being released for Sage 100 ERP It's not just about tax table…Read More

  2. MAX Anywhere App Takes On-Premise Exact ERP Systems Mobile

    Exact MAX, an ERP tool that help small manufacturers control their resources, costs and automation capabilities, can now be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection and connected mobile devices, with the release Tuesday of the web-based application MAX Anywhere. The application takes m...…Read More

  3. Common External Vulnerabilities to ERP Solutions

    It is a common myth that business applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems only face threats from internal sources because they are only available internally. Simply looking at the rise in cloud-based ERP solutions immediately dispels this myth. Regardless, even companies that...…Read More

  4. Myths vs. Facts: Sage ERP X3

    By Hilary Buckley Have you ever heard someone say that Sage ERP X3 is too complex for anyone in your company to understand properly? Yeah, we've heard that too—and it's a myth. We think that the reason you hear that tale a lot is because all the companies using Sage ERP X3 want to maintain the competitive advantage that X3 affords them. Learn the facts about Sage ERP X3 in today's post. “Serio…Read More

  5. Is the IT Department the Biggest Hindrance to Successful ERP Implementation?

    In many organizations the decision is made to implement enterprise resource planning (ERP), and then the IT department is tasked with making that happen. In the past, that might have worked. ERP was simpler then. It consisted largely of gathering data in spreadsheets or simple programs. The data was...…Read More

  6. Your Guide to the Sage Data Cloud

    By Hilary Buckley Today, I have a game for you. I want you to push back your desk chair, stand up, and jump up and down if you feel like there will never be a balance between your personal life and your work life. Okay, keep jumping up and down if you feel like you have too much to do… and keep jumping up and down if you're the kind of person who gets stressed about business emails and phone cal…Read More

  7. Sage ERP X3 Online Expanding to the Cloud

    Business management software company Sage Group will offer its Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) X3 Online beginning in September in North America. X3 online is geared at mid-market businesses, which have three clear priorities: winning new customers, reducing operating costs and grow...…Read More