1. CES 2014: What does the Firefox say? Mozilla-based tablets and dual-core phones incoming

    Chinese mobile manufacturer ZTE has pledged to up the Firefox OS ante with the first dual-core handsets to run Mozilla's open source OS, arriving sometime in 2014. The ZTE Open, the first ever Firefox OS phone which launched in some European and Latin American markets, will be superseded by the faster and more powerful Open C and Open II.ZTE launched the first Firefox OS phone via Telefonica in Sp…Read More

  2. How to Leverage Native Code on Windows Phone

    With Windows Phone 8 the possibility to use native code for development was introduced to the public SDK. It's a powerful feature and it can help to improve the performance for certain heavy computing tasks, reduce the memory footprint or just to leverage certain APIs which are only available in native code. Media Foundation or Direct3D for example are native only, but it could as well be a propri…Read More

  3. Must Have Online Tools For Web Development

    Web development is a daunting task however, thanks to all the online web development tools, things have gotten a lot easier. If you conduct a search, you will find plenty of online tools that will make web development an easy task for you. Most of these tools are quite understandable and easy to use. You can even use these tools if you are not a very technical person and get the desired results. A…Read More

  4. Planning your LJO custom code strategy in WEF

    One of the things about WEF, as a development tool, is its friendliness to plugging in custom Java code. And so you know the basic mechanics but people don't talk a lot about the strategy of how to organize the LJOs that you do create. As you might imagine, there is value in putting a little thought into this, and the following ideas have evolved into a pretty useful strategy.…Read More

  5. CSS4 – Selectors Level 4 | Script Tutorials

    Progress does not stand still, and, following the CSS3, the new CSS4 comes to us, which is developing by the W3C editing team. Historically, the process of development of CSS is independent from the process of development of web-browsers – both are developed in parallel. This has led to the fact that different browsers support different sets of CSS specifications. But back to CSS4. W3C periodica…Read More

  6. Simple Sketches for Diagramming your Software Architecture

    If you're working in an agile software development team at the moment, take a look around at your environment. Whether it's physical or virtual, there's likely to be a story wall or Kanban board visualising the work yet to be started, in progress and done. Visualising your software development process is a fantastic way to introduce transparency because anybody can see, at a glance, a high-level s…Read More

  7. Reactive Functional UI Development with Vaadin

    What is Functional Reactive Programming (FRP)? Reactive programming is the new kid on the blog, leveraged by a growing crowd of coders and embraced among others by Netflix. In this blog post you'll get an introduction to FRP with practical hands-on code snippets using the popular Vaadin framework.…Read More